​​​​ ​St Teresa’s Catholic College offers students opportunities to study and be extended in all five art forms (Dance, Drama, Music, Film & TV and Visual Arts) and the standard and creativity of our student works are recognised by awards in a range of events. Above all, it is the supportive ‘ensemble culture’, collaborative creative risk-taking and the development of excellence in technical skill, that are our priorities. These require ongoing commitment for the good of the ensemble, in genuine family spirit. 

Our Co-Curricular Enrichment Program in The Arts involves 2 components - an Instrumental Music Lesson Program providing quality private tuition for keen and committed music students in any year level, and an Ensemble Program (dance, drama, music and film).

We have some fantastic facilities for our students.

These Include:

  • 2 Airconditioned Dance Studios with Tarkett Flooring
  • Drama Room with Aircon & Professional Lighting
  • 2 Visual/Media Art Rooms
  • Film & TV Room with Green Screen. 

Performance Events 2023

  • ​Arts Showcase - Thursday 7th September 2023 (includes Dance, Drama, Film & TV, Music, Media & Visual Art)

  • Drama Play - Term 2  

  • Music Showcase Events 

In addition, each ensemble has opportunities to participate in various on-site events (such as assemblies and lunchtime performances, St Teresa's Idol and Open Night), in addition to a range of quality community and industry events, festivals, competitions and eisteddfods. These may include:
  • Dance: numerous troupes are entered into mutlple competitions throughout the year. 
  • Drama: Drama ensembles are netered into a variety of compeitins throughout the year.
  • Music: core and extension ensembles are involved in: The Queensland Catholic Music Festival, the Sunshine Coast Eisteddfod, Combined Schools Concert Band and Choral events, International Women's Week, Noosa Jazz and Busking Festivals, Nambour Winter Jazz Festival, Noosa Beach dawn performance opening St Teresa's Day, and a touring showcase and workshop for local schools.

​SARAH MCNAMARA ​- The Arts Curriculum Development Leader

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TIANAH GESELL - The Arts Co-Curricular Administration

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Click below to view STCC'S Co-Curricular Arts Handbook ​​

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Term 1  - (subject to change)

Junior Dance Troupe Audition =
6th February 2023 2.30-4.00pm. 

Senior Dance Troupe Audition =
8th February 2023 2.30-3.30pm. 


​Drama Ensemble Auditions = 

9th February 2023 2.30-4.00pm



Co-Curricular ​Sign Up's 2023

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