St Teresa's provides a learning environment where students are challenged to think beyond the information that is presented. It's a place where students are mentored, they feel safe to explore, passions are ignited, temperaments guided. 


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Inspiring a lifelong love of learning is at the core of all we do. Academic growth and achievement is an expected goal for all students, and we want them to continue being successful beyond high school. Powerful learning occurs when your student's individual needs, interests, and abilities are known and acknowledged within a respectful, supportive atmosphere. Our Individual Career Pathway is the College platform that promotes learning and growth as a shared responsibility between students, parents, and the College. It allows students and parents to track individual progress (in real-time), establish academic goals and targets, and capture teacher feedback. 


The College Capable Learners Program is designed to build student capacity to take responsibility of their learning through explicit and targeted skill development in literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills. The goal of the program is for students to experience a transfer of learning across subjects, evidenced in formative, summative and standardised tests, and assessment. Students are taught to be assessment capable.


Highly qualified teachers bring the curriculum to life, involving students in their learning in unique ways. Teachers track individual student progress and use data to identify eligible students for extension or support programs. 


With technology playing a more prominent role globally, the ongoing development of student's ICT skills and digital literacy is a focus. Our students are provided with devices to enhance their learning experiences. Year 7-9 students utilise iPads, while Year 10-12 student learning is facilitated on MacBook laptops.​

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