Instrumental Music

In music we offer highly significant, creative and engaging experiences within a positive, varied and supportive environment. To maintain motivation for rehearsals and development we integrate practice and performance without the pressure of external examinations, and we seek to inspire creativity and innovation. Students participating in the Instrumental Lesson Program are expected to apply their skills and support the culture of music at the College by participating in their relevant core music ensemble. Opportunities for further development are also offered via audition for specialist extension ensembles and performance events. 

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Music Ensembles


Students participating in the College’s Instrumental Lesson Program are expected to become a member of the relevant core ensemble for their instrument. Our three core ensembles are Concert Band, Strings and Vocal Group. St Teresa’s ensembles rehearse out of College hours. Students seeking further extension, or who are studying an instrument for which there is no relevant core ensemble, (e.g. guitar) may seek or be invited to audition for a specialist extension ensemble, such as Stage Band. These specialist ensembles are created each year based on the talents and skills to be extended.  ​

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