The Year 10 Retreat​

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The Year 10 Retreat is an integral part of the Year 10 program that St Teresa's offers students. The Retreat is a time for students to reflect on what they have learnt at St Teresa's, and how they will use what they have learnt to successfully undertake the next two years of senior studies. The Retreat challenges students to acknowledge that they have a deep connection with family, friends, all humanity and a loving God. The overall aim of the Year 10 Retreat is for students to have time to reflect on the direction their lives are taking and to consider the place that spirituality might have in their lives. The retreat will be a dynamic opportunity for your child to engage in a guided reflection process and to share some of their own insights with their peers.


The Year 12 Retreat

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The retreat is a structured time away from the normal routine of home and school where students are given the opportunity to listen, reflect, share and express their relationship with themselves, significant others, God, and creation. Unlike a camp or holiday, there is a definite program with important time constraints in which there are multiple opportunities for both staff and students to get away and re-create. The Year 12 Retreat celebrates our special Marist understanding of Family Spirit. One of the most wonderful outcomes of this Retreat is seeing the whole Year 12 cohort deeply connect as one family when they return to the College. ​

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