​​​​​our-school.jpgAs communities of learners, the facilities and buildings reflects the developmental stages of student growth and learning and is clustered in such a way that optimises the areas recommended in the Commonwealth Guidelines. Buildings. The design meets the developing understandings of how best to cluster year levels for educational continuity. The College has developed a master plan which incorporates contemporary design within a modern educational setting.

​​​The learning environments at the college:

  • reflects the culture, and the stated ethos and values of the college

  • reflects the curriculum and program design

  • supports the holistic development of the students

  • maximises the use of the natural and built environments in stimulating and creative ways

  • respects and promotes an environmentally sensitive [sustainable] design in relation to water efficiency, energy consumption, sustainable building materials, forestation, animal and plant conservation and waste management

  • offers an inside-outside concept

  • facilitates easy movement and flexibility both within the classroom, and between rooms and sectors of the college

  • endeavours to provide commitment to equity in accordance with legislation and the availability of physical, human and financial resources

  • contains classroom resources/features/equipment which promotes optimum learning environments for students and provides maximum teaching opportunities for teachers

  • addresses issues of student and workplace safety, including internal and external supervision

Pinbarren Centre

Barungam Leacture Theatre
2017 09 11 STCC Promo-1007.jpg 
Bush Chapel

Cham​pagnat Learning Centre
Science labs.jpg
Seven Science Labs

2017 09 11 STCC Promo-1078.jpg 
Senior Hospitality Ce​​ntre
Film Studio.jpg
Film Studio

Dance Studio.jpg
Two Dance Studios
Music Room.jpg
Music and Instrumental Music Rooms
Graphics Lab.jpg
Graphics Lab

Art Studio.jpg
Senior and Junior Art Studios

Woodtech room.jpg
Senior and Junior Woodtech Rooms

Native bush gardens.jpg
Native Bush Gardens


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