Individual Career Pathway

​Every student at the College creates an Individual Career Pathway (ICP). The ICP is a student-centred, teacher/parent supported web based app for students to meaningfully and actively engage in their learning. At its core, the ICP provides:

  • Student Learning Goals - SMART goals, co-constructed (student, parent/carer, teacher) to foster shared ownership and layers of accountability
  • In real-time results - student assessment grades are made available to students and families immediately after grading
  • Feedback - we know effective feedback practices can significantly improve student learning and teaching quality.

Your student will be individually mentored in understanding how they learn by identifying their individual learning strengths and areas of growth and development, as well as the skills required to pursue their chosen pathway. Students work collaboratively with their House Group Leaders (HGLs) and teachers to create an Individual Career Pathway personalised to their learning goals ensure a successfull transition into life beyond school. 

The research is clear that these features support the growth and development of students as learners. As such, the College commitment to each student using the ICP is an exciting prospect as we strive to meet the needs of the 21st-century learner.