House Information

​As part of our Vertical System if Pastoral Care we have 5 houses, each with 7 House Groups. Details for each House can be found below.​

​Avila House​​

Avila House Logo Without Text.jpg

Patron:St Teresa 

GubbiGubbi Word:Wandangu (climbing) 

Motto: Striving for excellence 

Floral Symbol: Red Banksia 

Patron Saints Day: 15th October 

Symbols:Arrow and book 


Cana House logo Without Text.jpg

Patron: Mary our Good Mother 

Gubbi Gubbi Word: Bu’ra’nga (Hear, Listen, Know) 

Motto: Live in fullness 

Floral Symbol: Purple Gem 

Patron Saints Day: 1st January 

SymbolsWater, Cross, Jars 

​La Valla

La Valla House Logo Without Text.jpg

Patron: Marcellin Champagnat 

GubbiGubbi Word:Bomga-gurimam (waves, of the sea) 

Motto: Strive and persist 

Floral Symbol: Blue Westringia 

Patron Saints Day: 6th June 

Symbol: Heart 


Penola House Logo Without Text.jpg

Patron: Mary MacKillop 

Gubbi Gubbi Word: Gawun (care, care for) ​

Motto: Together we achieve 

Floral Symbol: Eucalyptus 

Patron Saints Day: 8th August 

Symbol: Cross ​


Pomona House Logo Without Text.jpg

Patron: Nano Nagle 

Gubbi Gubbi Word: Yirinaa (light in colour) 

Motto: Shine your light 

Floral Symbol: Gold Wattle 

Patron Saints Day: 26th April 

Symbol: Lantern ​

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