School Pastoral Board

​​​​​​The Pastoral Board is an important Ministry of the church and it relies for its success on effective formation and the development of meaningful relationships among the College and community groups and members.

The current members of the Pastoral Board are:

Parent Representatives: Sarah Eleison, Louise Parry, Kelly McKendry, Ben O'Brien & Terry McDonald

Chairman: Dimitri Scordalides​

Principal:  Sam Anderson

Staff Representative:  Mark Roberton

Secretary:  Caraline Preston


Sam Anderson (Principal)

Mark Roberton (Business Manager)
Fr Jason Middleton (Parish Priest)

Aims of the Board

  • Ensure Catholic Education is achieved within Parish/Diocesan Pastoral Goals

  • Pursue the goals of the locally developed Statement of Mission of Catholic Education

  • Co-ordinate and affirm the shared decision-making process

The role of a Board

The role of the College Pastoral Board is viewed as a 'critical friend' model, whereby Board members work as ambassadors of the school and create the environment where they can act as additional eyes and ears to facilitate better communication and understanding within the parent community.

That of a College Advisory Group to provide opportunity for students in terms of pathways and transition into, through and out of the College. Such a group would include political, educational, industry and commercial members and provide a forum to develop networks and relationships that would benefit the College.

In addition to this the College Pastoral Board assists with:
  • Co-responsibility in the Church’s Educational Mission

  • A ministry of governance through pastoral planning and policy development

  • Empowering the community by calling forth gifts

  • Collaborating and consulting with all stakeholder

  • Visioning and innovating for the future

  • Prayerfully discerning

  • Co-ordinating shared decision-making

  • Guiding as a Community of Leaders

  • Being formed and informed advisors

Specific Tasks of Boards

  • Develop, document and operate from the Educational mission

  • Planning – develop policies

  • Provision and maintenance of educational facilities

  • Budgeting

  • Communication

  • Human resources (Advisory)

  • Constitution and By-Laws

  • Pre-service and Inservice

Areas of Responsibility

  • Pastoral Planning

  • Facilities

  • Finances (Budgeting)

  • Communication within the Parish Community

  • Curriculum

  • Human Resources Profile

  • Planning for the Board’s Internal Life

Policy Areas

  • Enrolment

  • Facilities

  • Building

  • Maintenance

  • Planning

  • Management/Organisation

  • Finance

  • Curriculum