Districts & Regionals

​​​​​​​How to Trial for a District or Regional Sport

STCC is part of the Northern Sporting District. Through out Term 1 and 2 there will be numerous opportunities for students to trial for various District Sports. Students are to download the trial forms, have them signed by a parent or guardian, and return them to the Sport Shack to be signed by the Sports Coordinator or Sports Trainee. All forms MUST be returned to the Sport Shack BEFORE the due date. Failure to do so can result in a student not being allowed to trial. The forms must be taken with the student to the trial. ​

More Information about District & Regional Trials 

The representative school sport program begins at the district level, progresses through the regional level and onto the Queensland state level. St Teresa’s Catholic College is a member of Sunshine Coast School Sport - North District.

The Sports Coordinator & Sports Assisant will advertise the upcoming District Sport selection trials on the STCC sports website accessible from the student portal. Students can download information regarding selection days and times, and nomination forms. This paperwork must be completed and returned for the Sports Coordinator or Sports Assistant to sign. Signed paperwork must then be brought to the trials or students will not be able to participate. 

The cost to nominate for Regional Trials is approximately $23 (costs may vary). 

Payment is to be made via the Sunshine Coast School Sports Website.  ​

​A schedule can be found on the Sunshine Coast School Sport - North District Website
Students are selected for Regional Sport teams from selection trials listed above. The College will pay participation costs for students who are selected to represent the North District Region in swimming, cross country and athletics.​


Mouthguard Consent Form - District Trial version.pdf

Application for Exemption from North District trial.pdf

Cross Country Absentee Application.pdf

Track & Field Absentee Application.pdf

Swimming Absentee Application.pdf

Sunshine Coast School Sport Code of Conduct Form.pdf

Subject to change due to weather conditions. 

​U12 B & G Touch
Monday 6th Feb​Thursday 2nd Feb​Click here
​U12 B & G Basketball
Thursday 9th Feb​Monday 6th Feb​Click here
​U12 Girls AFL
Monday 13th Feb​Thursday 9th Feb​Click here
U12 Boys AFL​
Tuesday 14th Feb​Friday 10th Feb​Click here
​​Cricket U12 Girls
​Tuesday 14th Feb (regionals)
​Friday 10th Feb
Click here
U12 Rugby League ​
Monday 27th Feb​Thursday 23rd Feb​Click here
​Tennis 13-19 B & G
Tuesday 14th Feb (regionals)​
Tuesday 7th Feb​Click here
​Cricket 16-19 Girls
Waterpolo 13-19 Boys
Tuesday 14th Feb (regionals)
Friday 10th FebClick here
Waterpolo 13-19 G​irls
Tuesday 14th Feb (regionals)
Friday 10th FebClick here
Golf 10-19 B & G​​Friday 17th Feb (regionals)
Tuesday 14th Feb​​Click here​
​U12 Netball Girls
Tuesday 28th Feb​​Friday 24th Feb
Click here
​Netball 13-15 Girls
Friday 10th Feb​
Tuesday 7th Feb​Click here
​Netball 16-19 Girls
Tuesday 7th Feb
Friday 3rd Feb​Click here​
​Football 13-15 Girls
Tuesday 7th FebFriday 3rd Feb
Click here
​Football 16-19 Girls
Wednesday 22nd Feb (regionals)​Friday 17th Feb​Click here
Rugby League 14-15 Girls 

Wednesday 22nd Feb (regionals)
Friday 17th Feb​​Click here
​Rugby League 16-18 Girls​
Wednesday 22nd Feb (regionals)Friday 17th Feb
Click here
​Basketball 13-16 Boys
Thursday 16th Feb​Monday 13th Feb​
Basketball 13-16 Girls
Thursday 16th Feb
Monday 13th Feb
​Basketball 17-19 Boys
Tuesday 28th Feb​ (regionals)
Friday 24th Feb​Click here
Basketball 17-19 Girls
Tuesday 28th Feb​ (regionals)Friday 24th FeClick here​
Rugby ​League 14-15 Boys
​Wednesday 15th Feb
Friday 10th Feb​Click here
​Rugby League 16-18 Boys
Tuesday 14th Feb​Friday 10th Feb​​​Click here​
​Rugby Union 7's 15-16 Girls
Tuesday 28th Feb​ (regionals)Friday 24th Feb​Click here
​Rugby Union 7's 17-18 Girls​
Tuesday 28th Feb​ (regionals)
Friday 24th Feb​Click here
Hockey 13-19 Girls​
Tuesday 28th Feb​ (regionals)Friday 24th Feb​Click here
AFL 13-15 Girls​
Monday 20th Feb​Thursday 16th Feb
​AFL 13-15 Boys
Monday 20th FebThursday 16th Feb
​Touch 13-18 B & G
Tuesday 21st Feb​
​Friday 17th Feb
​U12 Tennis B & G
​Tuesday 28th Mar
Fri 17th March​Click here
​U12 Football Boys
​Friday 10th Mar
​Friday 4th Mar
Click here
​U12 Football Girls
Monday 20th Mar​Friday 10th Mar​Click here​
U12 B & G Softball​
Monday 6th Mar​Friday 24th Feb​Click here
Hockey 13-19 Boys​
Thursday 2nd Mar (regionals)​Monday ​27th Feb
Click here
​Rugby Union 17-18 Boys
Thursday 2nd Mar (regionals)​​Monday ​27th FebClick here
Volleyball 12-19 Boys​
Monday 20th Feb​Thursday 16th Feb
Volleyball 12-19 Girls​
Wednesday 22nd Feb​Friday 17th Feb​
​​Rugby Union U12 Boys
Wednesday 19th April ​Friday 14th Apr​
Rugby Union 14-15 Boys
​Football 13-16 Boys
Tuesday 2nd May​Friday 28th April​
Football 17-19 Boys​
Wednesday 17th May (regionals)​Friday 12th May​
Surfing 13-18 B & G​
Tuesday 9th May​​Friday 5th May
​Cricket 13-15 Girls
Tuesday 22nd Aug (regionals)​​Friday 18th Aug
​Cricket 13-15 Boys
Tuesday 5th & Monday 11th September (regionals)​Friday 1st Sep
Cricket 16-19 Boys​
​Futsal 13-15 Girls
Wednesday 4th Oct (regionals)​Friday 29th Sep​
​​Futsal 13-15 Boys
​Wednesday 4th Oct (regionals)
Friday 29th Sep
Triathalon 11-19 B & G​
Baseball 12-18 B & G​