Here at St Teresa's we play in the AFLQ Schools Cup Competition & the Sunshine Coast Schools AFLX competition. 

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Junior Boys & Girls = Friday 12th May 2023 @ Maroochydore

Senior Boys & Girls = Thursday 1st June 2023 @ Maroochydore

AFLX DATES 2023: Jnr Boys (Term 1), Snr Boys (Term 2), Snr Girls (Term 3), Jnr Girls (Term 4)

COST: $40 Gala Days (added to school fees), $50 ALFX (added to your school fes). 

TRAINING: Training Days will vary for each team depending on coach and student availability. Training days will be posted into teams at the commencement of the season. Click here​ to see our training schudelue.

GAMES: Game locations & time will be posted into teams for the students to see prior to the event.

TRANSPORT: Students will be provided with transport to and from Gala day games. 


All students will need to purchase: 

  • Multi-sport Shorts (for training & games)
  • Multi-sport Socks (for games)
  • Multi-sport Shirt (for training & arrival to games)

Once your child has collected these items from the Sport Shack it will be added to your school fees. 

All students will be provided with an AFL Jersey which they loan from the college for the day. Failure to return uniforms at the end of the day will result in a replacement fee. ​​

TRAINING EQUIPMENT: (students need to purchase/bring).

  • STCC Multi-sport Shirt 
  • STCC Multi-sport Shorts 
  • STCC Multi-sport Socks 
  • Boots 
  • Mouthguard 
  • Water Bottle 

GAME EQUIPMENT: (students need to bring)

  • STCC Multi-sport Shirt 
  • STCC Multi-sport Shorts
  • STCC Multi-Sport Socks 
  • Boots 
  • Mouthguard
  • Water Bottle 

For any further questions please email the Sports Department: