Commitment & Permission


  • Attend games on time, every week, or notify my coach and/or the sports coordinator at least two school days prior, stating why I am unable to attend.
  • Focus on what the team is doing and try to improve my skills and my physical abilities.
  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness. This includes: coaches, teammates, opponents, officials and fans of both teams.
  • Go to coaches first if I have a problem related to the teams. I will not complain to others until I have given the person I have a problem with an opportunity to correct it.
  • When attending training, work hard to develop good habits by practicing with proper technique and maximum effort. The habits we develop in training are the habits that will determine how we play in games. Train how you want to play!
  • Turn up to all trainings and games in the correct uniform and ensure any loaned uniforms are returned at the conclusion of the season.
  • Uniforms not returned or damaged will incur a replacement fee.​


  • It is expected that all students attend training. If they are unable to attend, they must notify the coach/sport coordinator or sport assistant via teams with a reason for non-attendance provided. Any exemption from regular participation in training must be approved by the Sports Coordinator. Weekly selection in games is dependant on training attendance, attitude and sporting performance. 
  • ​In exchange for the privilege of being on the team, students who participate in both school and co-curricular sport for St Teresa’s Catholic College are expected to uphold the College Code of Conduct.​


  • Influence and support my child to abide by the College code of conduct they have committed to follow.
  • Be an example of good sportsmanship at games by making only positive comments about the players, the officiating and also treating fans of our opponents with respect.
  • I understand that playing time is at the sole discretion of the coach.
  • I will contact the coach/sports coordinator first if I have a complaint.
  • I will not gossip or talk about other players or parents with anyone and if I have a complaint, I will contact the coach/sports coordinator or the person involved directly.
  • I will entrust the St Teresa’s coaching staff to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. I will not attempt to coach my son/daughter during practices or games (unless invited to do so).
  • There will be only one voice the players will be inclined to listen to, and it will be that of the coaches. 

  • Permissions for each sport will be sent via an EdSmart link in an email. This will provide all the information relevant to the sport. Please note, depending upon your email provider this email sometimes goes into junk mail.​ This is a requirment for student to be able to play/attend school sport.