St Teresa's College Day

​​Christian hope played a critical part in the lives of St Teresa of Avila and St Marcellin Champagnat. With small resources, St Teresa and St Marcellin established their first communities. Their work was shaped by a deep trust in the goodness of God, and they also believed that Mary inspired and protected their “project to create communities focused on the loving heart of Christ." Their project did not just appear but took time to take shape. St Teresa and St Marcellin had faith in the promise and accompaniment of God, which took tremendous courage. The Carmelite Sisters and the Marist Brothers did not see or know the future but kept moving forward in hope. In this Year of Youth, we join our joys and struggles with St Teresa and St Marcellin, Mary, and Jesus. We pray that we may also be people of hope and that we generously share our gifts and talents to transform the world around us, as St Teresa and St Marcellin did. 

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St Teresa's College Day is a day of celebration and remembrance, where our College community comes together. The day begins with a Liturgy that is focused on the dual charisms of St Teresa and St Champagnat. Following this, our students work together on their Make a Difference (M.A.D.) market stalls raising money for Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity (MAPS). Each of the stalls has been organised by a House Group and is aimed at raising funds and awareness of Christian solidarity and outreach. Finally, students participate in and witness the courage, gifts and talents of our students in St Teresa's Got Talent. This final performance competition uses the criteria for success based on the seven foundations of the College. In the lead up to St Teresa's Day, students have already auditioned for a place in Idol, that features a broad range of musicians and dancers. Students are encouraged to 'Dare the Dream' and support each other in this endeavour. 

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