Access.JPGThe ACCESS program is a wellbeing program delivered on a Wednesday Block 3 & 4, which actively supports the Vision statement of the College by encouraging and educating students about how to be authentic members of our Christian community. At the heart of the program is the Catholic teaching of Gospel values, to foster positive relationships and build happy, healthy and confident students who are holistically educated, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually, and who are empowered to be their best self as they make their way through God's plan for them. 

Students doing silent yoga during ACCESS

Aims/Objectives of the Program

The program aims to achieve the following:                                            

  • To make Jesus Christ known and loved.

  • Actively support and promote the integration of Catholic Christian values, in an holistic pastoral care program.

  • Promote the unique facets of STCC culture within a Catholic context.

  • Develop shared understandings of how the informal/ hidden curriculum reflects who and what we are in the image of Jesus Christ, and to actively support the liturgical and prayer life of the College.

  • Promote a school where each student develops the confidence to actively seek to ‚ÄúDare the Dream".

  • Foster positive relationships between students, teachers, families and the school community.

  • Build students who are healthy, happy, confident, resilient and empowered with skills to deal with any challenging situations in their life.

When does this take place?

There is a designated ACCESS time each week. This will be Wednesday block 3 & 4, consisting of 120 minutes. There will also be several activities organised by teachers, supported by relevant Heads of House, which will enable students to participate at their own level and capacity. Students will undertake age appropriate, House activities which promote personal and relational growth; Often this will involve some social and recreational physical activity time for Years 7-12. 

Who is accountable for this program?

The ACCESS program is developed by Heads of Houses and approved by the Principal Dave McInnes in conjunction with the College Leadership Team. Most importantly, all teachers who are on ACCESS will be involved in planning and delivering the program and will work closely with Heads of Houses to ensure the students receive the highest quality Catholic education. 

How do students prepare?

House shirts to be worn on Champagnat Cup Activity Days (HGL's will inform students)

Sports Uniform unless stated otherwise .