Learning Services


Inclusive Education at St Teresa's Catholic College involves building a community that responds to, values, and celebrates diversity.  In recognition of the unique gifts and needs of individuals, the College strives to maximise accessibility and to encourage the participation of all students in the learning and social environments of the school.  A crucial element in the College’s commitment to this endeavour is the Learning Services team which provides a range of programs and support processes that embed the notion of inclusivity.  As a team we aim to support all students in the pursuit of their full potential. 

Each member of the Learning Services team is dedicated and committed to their support role at the school and each member brings to the task their own particular skills and strengths in a range of fields and areas of expertise. We support students using a variety of strategies in a number of contexts including:

  • In-class support (either one-to-one assistance or in a small group) in consultation and collaboration with classroom teachers; 

  • Targeted Blocks - students voluntarily make a booking to use the Learning Services rooms during the Targeted Blocks to access assistance with their academic commitments. Students make the booking in their Pastoral Care class at the start of the day and with the permission of the relevant classroom teacher are able to spend a lesson accessing support.

Homework Centre

The Homework Centre is also available in the Champagnat Learning Centre at the following times:

Mon, Tue, Thur: 2.20pm - 3.30pm

Wed: 2.20pm - 4.00pm

Fri: Closed

All students are able to access assistance from members of the Learning Services team to enhance their learning and academic success.  Many teachers also volunteer their time to further assist students in the Homework Centre. In addition to general homework support, a Literacy Mentor is available on a Monday and a Math Mentor is available on a Tuesday.

The Learning Services Team comprises of: 

  • Support Teacher – Inclusive Education; 

  • Inclusion Teacher (one day per week); and

  • Student Learning Aides 

Clare Waterworth

Support Teacher – Inclusive Education