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​Welcome to the Champagnat Learning Centre

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In a world where information is constantly changing and technology is ubiquitous, the library empowers students to meaningfully navigate and understand the 21st century information-rich world.

The CLC provides an encouraging, nurturing and supportive learning environment. Students are encouraged to maximise their learning potential and achieve their individual learning goals. The library provides easily accessible and quality information services that meet the teaching, learning and recreational needs of the school community.​

Literature Promotion encourages students to read for enjoyment and offers a range of reading choices for all students. These reading programs aim to build knowledge of texts, improve literacy, increase enjoyment of reading, and for the students to become life-long readers. Students who engage with reading understand more about themselves, others and society and have ongoing personal and professional growth.

The CLC is closely aligned with the teaching and learning at the College and supports students and staff with their curriculum needs. The Oliver website is available for students to supplement their learning and assists with the completion of assignments, access to library resources and connections with reading. Students are explicitly taught skills of inquiry and how to develop research and information literacy skills.

The CLC maintains dynamic spaces for:

  • teaching and learning
  • quiet study and reading
  • collaboration and research
  • games and relaxation
  • Homework Centre
  • And incorporates the Textbook Hire Scheme​

Log on for access to Oliver, the CLC Website and much more:

CLC Brochure



Opening Hours

7.30am – 4.00pm daily (4.30pm Wednesday)