Visitors Guide


Please read this guide so that your time with us is safe for yourself and the people working and learning here

You are obliged to comply with the provisions of Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011. (A copy of this is available at the Office)


After Hours Emergency Contact Numbers

Mark Roberton
0400 758 046 
Complex Security
07 5447 7566
Emergency Services

Workplace Health and Safety


  • All persons must report to reception on arrival.
  • All persons, except drivers delivering or collecting goods, must sign the visitors’ book on arrival and departure.
  • All persons signing the visitors’ book must wear the visitors ID badge given at reception during the duration of the visit and hand it back in to admin office on leaving.
  • Adequate clothing and shoes (no thongs) must be worn.
  • Personal protective equipment (for eyes, ears, head or feet) must be worn when necessary or instructed.
  • Do not enter any area unless authorised to do so or accompanied by a STCC staff member.

Safety Information for Visitors


Report all injuries even if only minor, to the staff member responsible for the work you are carrying out.


  • Parking is provided in staff car parks.
  • Passenger / private vehicles are not permitted in the school grounds unless with specific permission from the school principal.
  • Contractors requiring vehicular access to ovals and buildings during school hours should discuss access with Principal or Business Manager.


Smoking is not permitted in or near any building or grounds. Heavy fines may apply.

Student Protection Fact Sheet


  • Working to make schools safe and supportive places;
  • Taking action to prevent students being harmed at school; and
  • Reporting any suspicion you have that a student has been harmed or may be at risk or harm.
  • All children have a right to be protected from harm.


Any detrimental effect of a significant nature to the child’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. It is immaterial how the harm is caused. This means anything that will have a serious and harmful effect on a student’s physical health, or how they think and feel about themselves.
You must report, to the Principal, any harm to a student that is caused by:
  • Someone working at the school,
  • another student,
  • someone from the student’s family,
  • a friend or a stranger,
  • the student self-harming.
If you suspect the Principal is responsible for causing harm to a student report this to the Executive Director, Schools at the local district office.
The main thing to remember is: If you suspect a student might have been harmed or might be at risk of harm, tell the Principal straight away. If the Principal isn’t available, you must tell the Acting Principal or a Deputy Principal.

Fire and Evacuation Procedures


  • LOCKDOWN SIGNAL is the phrase “Attention staff and students, there will be no Italian lessons today” followed by classical music.
  • If a lockdown procedure occurs, stop work immediately and report to the nearest lockable safe building, identify yourself and follow staff instructions. Do not attempt to leave the building until the all-clear is given by administrative staff.


  • EVACUATION SIGNAL  is continuous siren sound ringing.
  • If an evacuation procedure occurs, stop work immediately and evacuate the building you are in via the escape route indicated in the room and assemble on the oval.
  • Visitors must remain with a staff member.
  • Avoid the emergency area.
  • Obey instructions from STCC staff as well as Emergency personnel (Fire, Ambulance, Police etc). Do not re-enter any building until given permission.