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The Ministry Plan at St Teresa's is based around the dual charism of St Teresa of Avila and St Marcellin Champagnat. Both saints had a deep faith that by walking in the way of Mary they would always have Jesus in their heart. 

Our dual charism shows us Mary as a woman with a deeply loving heart able to say yes to God's dream, but also with a strong mind able to unite people and bring Christ's dream to the world. By walking in the footsteps of St Teresa and St Marcellin our Ministry program strives to bring our students to a deep understanding that they are all children of God. 

Our dual charism asks our students to be like Mary and dare the dream that God has in store for them. Daring this dream in today's world is not easy, so like Mary they will need to combine a loving heart and a strong mind knowing that they are loved eternally, that they have infinite potential, and that they are part of the holy family. 

College Masses

  • Opening Mass
  • St Marcellin Mass
  • St Teresa's Mass
  • Graduation Mass


  • Assumption
  • St Teresa's Day



  • The Year 10 Retreat
  • The Year 12 Retreat

Reflection Day

  • The Year 8 Reflection Day


  • Sri Lanka Easter Holiday
  • Sri Lanka June July Holiday