Key Staff

The team behind St Teresa's

A team of dedicated staff  ensures St Teresa's Catholic College provides the best educational and  pastoral experience for  our students. 

Our skilled staff work across  a wide range of areas including teaching, leadership, IT, finance, administration and grounds and maintenance. Every staff member plays a valuable role  in ensuring the  education, well-being and care of our students.

The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team has the  strategic and operational responsibilty for the day-to-day running of the College. 

​​​Dave McInnes.jpg

David McInnes 

​​Carmel O'Brien.jpg

Carmel O'Brien
Deputy Principal
​​Aaron Heffernan.jpg

Aaron Heffernan
Assistant Principal -
Curriculum Development

​​​Kellie Barker.jpg
Kellie Barker
Assistant Principal - 
Student Development
Pojtek, Marcus (1).jpg
Marcus Pojtek
Assistant Principal - 
Religious Education
​​Mark Roberton.jpg
Mark Roberton
Business Manager
Kraljevic, Susan.jpg
Sue Kraljevic
Guidance Counsellor

Key Team Members

Our staff are always happy to answer any questions you have, whether you are considering joining St Teresa's, a current parent or a past parent or student. 

​​​Marianne Evans.jpg

Marianne Evans
PA to the Principal

Margit Cruice
Communications Officer/

Lisa Sloman
Student Learning 
Development Officer

Chris Santifort
Finance Secretary

Debbie Streater
Fees and Finance Officer

Clare Waterworth
Support Teacher - 
Inclusive Education

Calland, Rosemary.jpg
Rosemary Calland
Pathways/VET Coordinator

Ford, Meegan.jpg
Meegan Ford
Pathways Assistant
Peacock, Aimee.jpg
Aimee Peacock
​​Work Transition Mentor
Patrick, Joanna.jpg
Jo Patrick
Guidance Counsellor

​​​Hailey O'Brien.jpg
Hailey O'Brien
Head of House - Pomona

Kerry Eleison
Head of House - La Valla

Sharon Lucht
Head of House - Penola

Amanda Murray-Salter
Head of House - Cana

Paul Ziakis.jpg 
Paul Ziakis
Head of House - Avila

​​Steve Bonaventura.jpg

Steve Bonaventura
Sports Coordinator

Chris Lysaght.jpg

Chris Lysaght
Campus Minister