Key Staff

​​​​​The team behind St Teresa's

​​​A team of dedicated staff ​ensures St Teresa's Catholic College provides the best educational and​ pastoral experience for ​our students. 

​Our skilled staff work across ​​a wide range of areas including teaching, leadership, IT, finance, administration and grounds and maintenance. Every staff member plays a valuable role ​​in ensuring the ​​education, well-being and care of our students.

The Leadership Team

​​The Leadership Team has the ​strategic and operational responsibilty for the day-to-day running of the College. 

David McInnes 

Carmel O'Brien
Deputy Principal
Elizabeth Sutton
Assistant Principal -
Curriculum Development​

Elvy, Lee.jpg
Lee Elvy
Assistant Principal - 
Student Development

Pojtek, Marcus.jpg
Marcus Pojtek
Assistant Principal - 
Religious Education​
Hunt, Cathryn.jpg
Cathy Hunt
Business Manager​
Kraljevic, Susan.jpg
Sue Kraljevic​
Guidance Counsellor​

​Key Team Members

Our staff are always happy to answer any questions you have, whether you are considering joining St Teresa's, a current parent or a past parent or student. 

Marianne Evans
PA to the Principal

Margit Cruice
Communications Officer/

Lisa Sloman
Student Learning 
Development Officer

Chris Santifort
Finance Secretary

Debbie Streater
Fees and Finance Officer

Clare Waterworth
Support Teacher - 
Inclusive Education

Rosemary Calland
Pathways/VET Coordinator

Ford, Meegan.jpg
Meegan Ford
Pathways Assistant
Peacock, Aimee.jpg
Aimee Peacock
​​Work Transition Mentor
Patrick, Joanna.jpg
Jo Patrick
Guidance Counsellor

Kellie Barker
Head of House - Pomona

Kerry Eleison
Head of House - La Valla

Sharon Lucht
Head of House - Penola

Amanda Murray-Salter
Head of House - Cana

Matt Webb
Head of House - Avila

Hailey O'Brien
Sports Coordinator

Briony Currell
Campus Minister