Camps & Retreats

At St Teresa’s Catholic College there are a number of camps and excursions held each year. Each year level will go on a camp.

Year 7 - Welcome to St Teresa's - Development of identity and belonging  
Year 8 ​– Get to know St Teresa’s and make friends

Year 9 – Adventure/Survival Camp

Year 10 – Retreat

Year 11 – Leadership

Year 12 – Final Retreat

There are many other excursions that happen in relation to the students learning, these vary and are evolving as our college develops.

All camps and excursions are a compulsory part of the curriculum. Parents will be informed before each camp and excursion. Permission forms and up to date medical information will be required before students attend each camp or excursion.

Year 7 Camp (5).jpg  IMG_0896.JPG
    Year 7 Camp where students find a sense of belonging                       Year 9 Camp where new friendships are forged

IMG_4230 (1).JPG  _MG_7814.jpg

Year 11 Camp where group work and leadership is essential                       Year 12 Retreat is a time of reflection

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