Marist Youth Leadership Summit

MYLS (2).png

On the last weekend of the summer holidays, Jo and I along with our Ministry Captains, Jenna and Izzy, travelled down to Brisbane to partake in the 2021 Marist Leadership Summit over the course of three days. Thanks to our trusty bus driver Chris Lysaght, we arrived safely on Saturday to a lunch at Marist College Ashgrove, with all of the other leaders from thirteen Marist schools around Queensland. Over the weekend we participated in workshops to develop self-awareness of our leadership as an individual, and also different types of leadership that will help us to work in group settings. As individual leaders we realized the busy year ahead of us, however, being around those who will be facing the same path this year, we made strong connections and became more aware of the Marist spirit that runs through and connects each of our schools. There were many opportunities to have fun, with Jenna and Izzy’s ukulele rendition of ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber winning second prize in the talent show! However, we are also excited to share and use the leadership tools that we gained over the summit as well as develop the connections formed with schools from all around Queensland.
Francis Cogill
College Captain