Luke Anear Visit

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On Wednesday 19th August we hosted Luke Anear in the College. Luke is a former covert surveillance private investigator who built an international, billion-dollar business from his suburban garage in Townsville. Luke is the CEO and Founder of SafetyCulture, which created the world’s most used checklist app, iAuditor. Over 600 million checks are conducted through iAuditor each year by over 27,000 organisations. SafetyCulture currently employs over 370 people across Australia, United Kingdom, United States and the Philippines.
Luke’s visit is one of many learning enrichment opportunities couched within the Year 9 Business Studies elective, and the Entrepreneurial Classroom Project (ECP). Current Year 9 Business students were afforded the opportunity to showcase their products to Luke, ask questions and receive feedback. Five groups of students then made a pitch to Luke where he provided expert guidance and advice about ‘where to from here’ for their products, an experience that I am sure students will long remember.
Current Business Studies students (9-12) were also invited along to a presentation by Luke. He spoke of his journey to success and the trials and tribulations of owning a start-up. Luke’s rich life experience and his authentic demeanour made his talk accessible to all students. He challenged students to realise their potential by unlocking their creative mind, rather than focusing on the skills they may or may not have. He spoke to the fact that there is always someone out there who has the skills you are after! Luke explained to students the importance of being comfortable with the feeling of incompetence or not knowing all the answers. It is the people who ‘outwork’ others to find the answers or solutions that make a difference and become successful.
We look forward to future opportunities to work with Luke as the Business department of the College continues to grow and provide opportunities for students to develop and aspire to be a person who makes a positive change in our world.

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