Dance Success

Dance success.jpg​​

On Saturday July 31, St Teresa's hosted The Australian Pinnacle Dance Challenge. Navigating around the impending lockdown announced that day, we were able to perform 9 of our 12 items from our Junior and Senior Troupe. Congratulations to the dancers who worked extremely well as a team, receiving excellent feedback from the adjudicator. STCC was awarded 5 x 1st places, 2 x 2nd places and a Highly Commended. The results were:

  • 1st: Junior Lyrical
  • 1st: Senior Jazz
  • 1st: Senior Contemporary
  • 1st: Senior Musical Theatre
  • 1st: Senior Student Choreography
  • 2nd: Junior Contemporary
  • 2nd: Senior Jazz
  • HC: Junior Jazz

​On Friday 17 September  our Senior Troupe were able to compete in the rescheduled events from the Australian Pinnacle Dance Challenge. They were awarded

  • 1st : Senior Lyrical
  • 3rd Senior Jazz
  • 3rd Senior Contemporary

It was a wonderful and fitting end to a successful competition season. Congratulations to Ms McNamara and all of our dance troupes. β€‹