Air Vice-Marshal visit

​Recently some of our Year 9 – 12 Maths and Physics students had the opportunity to engage with Air Vice-Marshal Steve ‘Zed’ Roberton as he shared how maths and physics is used every day in a fighter pilot’s life. Zed is a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Category ‘A’ Fighter Pilot who has been presented a range of awards including Chief of Air Force Commendation, the Distinguished Service Cross, and an Order of Australia.

During his presentation Steve showed photographs and videos from throughout his career and clearly explained how maths and physics was an essential component of his day. Whether it was withstanding the G-Force in a simulator, refuelling airplanes in mid-air or landing a plane on an aircraft carrier at night, each example was easy to follow. Students grasped the importance of understanding basic concepts that could develop into more complex concepts, and the value of estimating. Zed also stressed to the students that he was not top of his class in any of these subjects and that his ease of use with maths and physics concepts occurred through his study and work after high school. Captivated throughout the talk, students walked away inspired and with the knowledge that persistence pays off and that maths and science are incorporated into everyday life.

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