AI Cadetships

AI Cadetship.png

Congratulations to Year 11 and 12 students Dane Gottschalk, Ella-Jaye Stevens, Joseph Hillier, Lachlan Hellwig, Riley Swindlehurst and Darcy Carroll who were awarded an AI Cadetship place with the Peregian Digital Hub. These students attended ‘AI Programming for Maths Specialists’ workshops during the school holidays and as a result were offered the cadetships. Year 10 student, Leila Kenzler is also now a part of the program after being offered a cadetship position. These students took university level Computer Science concepts and helped each other and their peers throughout the course.
Programming Machine Learning algorithms is the most in-demand skill right now. It is a skillset used in robotics, medical research, automation, predictive data analytics, self-driving cars, you name it.
During the cadetship these students will learn hands-on skills through weekly after-school classes taught by experts and they get to demonstrate those skills by working on intellectually-challenging projects. They earn through paid internship opportunities with the Hub's industry partners and by teaching others what they’ve learned. Over the 7 weeks this term, they will work on a 'capture the flag' game project and train an AI to play it. That will lead into a project where they train actual robots to autonomously navigate a warehouse to deliver goods.
They also have the opportunity to visit the exciting biotech startup, Provectus Algae and learn about the field of synthetic biology and how you can program cells using code. On top of this they will experience a guest workshop on computer with Juxi Leitner, founder of Lyro Robotics - winners of the Amazon Robotics competition.