Student Protection Processes


Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Brisbane seeks to fulfil its duty of care to all within its school communities and particularly its duty of care to students. By its commitment to the importance and implementation of student protection processes and interventions, Brisbane Catholic Education upholds the right of students to a safe and secure environment based on the belief that this is critical to fulfilling their academic achievements and potential, and indeed critical to their overall wellbeing.

The Student Protection Processes document ensures that appropriate responses are made whenever there is an allegation or suspicion of sexual abuse, harm or inappropriate behaviour by an employee towards a student. The document also outlines reporting processes for allegations of child / student harm by other sources. The processes outlined are intended to ensure that the steps taken at all levels will result in prompt, professional, sensitive and appropriate action being taken by

St Teresa’s Catholic College and Brisbane Catholic Education Office personnel.

The Student Protection Processes document consists of three sections:

Part 1: Reporting and intervention processes for suspected sexual abuse, harm and inappropriate behaviour by an employee towards a student.

Part 2: Reporting processes for allegations of child / student harm by:

  • A person who is not an employee

  • Another student and

  • Student self-harm.

Part 3: Processes for ensuring that the student protection processes are made known to students and staff, and are being implemented in schools.

The BCE Student Protection Processes document for Catholic schools can be accessed by students, parents/carers and employees from the: 

In accordance with requirements outlined in the Student Protection Processes document a student protection poster is displayed in classrooms and other areas throughout the College. The Recognise, React, Report poster presents the message that ‘You could be confronted by an unsafe situation at anytime, anywhere. If you're in control and aware of what is safe and unsafe, you can deal with it in the right way.' The student protection poster is also one way the College makes known the names of the Student Protection Contacts to members of the school community. 

Every young person has the right to feel safe.