Student Protection Policy


Student protection and wellbeing is paramount in Catholic schools.  Being created in the image of God, the human individual possesses inherent dignity that should be recognised and fostered.

This is reflected in the Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) Student Protection Policy which demonstrates the Brisbane Archdiocese’s commitment to the protection of students attending Catholic schools. The Policy is written as a response to the belief that students learn about their dignity as a child of God at every level of the Catholic school and that such dignity is undermined when a person is abused or harmed in any way.

This Policy expresses the church’s commitment to the care and protection of children and young people. Additionally, it provides a framework for Catholic schools within which they must operate to fulfil their legislative student protection responsibilities.

As part of Brisbane Catholic Education, St Teresa’s Catholic College makes every effort to ensure Student Protection legislative requirements are adhered to. The College is committed to being a safe and nurturing community of care where the rights and dignity of young people are upheld and protected and where all students have a right to expect that the College will always act to protect them from any kind of harm.

The Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Policy document can be: