Learning Matters

In contemporary society, being an adolescent can sometimes seem like an exceptionally difficult proposition; the complexities of identity, learning success, belonging and future can seem less tangible and certain for our young people. Further, we know that success in learning is a critical factor in promoting student achievement and that literacy skills form the basis of success in all learning. In our Catholic College, we place the emphasis on three key areas in promoting growth and achievement - Ministry, Learning and Wellbeing. The Learning Matters program integrates these focal areas into a holistic and engaging program for students to draw a connection to their faith, learning, identity and growth in a guided manner.

A range of contemporary educational research, perhaps best summarised by John Hattie (2012), has demonstrated that students who can clearly articulate answers to the questions ‘How are you going in your learning?’, ‘Where are you going in your learning?’ and ‘What will you do next?’ experience greater success at school and beyond. Each student is guided by the philosophy that we all achieve and learn, that we are all focused on growing our capacities (personal and learning), that we belong to House in our St Teresa’s Catholic College community and that we utilise clear and consistent strategies and tools to achieve our goals.


Aims/Objectives of the Program:

The Learning Matters program builds on the Marist pillar of 'simplicity' and aims to simplify complex ideas and issues, placing a clear emphasis on identity, belonging, literacy success and learning success for all students at St Teresa's Catholic College. The Learning Matters program is owned by all in our College and is based on the Learning Curve program. The Learning Matters program is an integral framework to support Catholic faith, learning and life-skills development. The program is implemented in House Group time each day, with a whole lesson designated each fortnight. It is implemented by the House Group Leaders (HGL) and, as much as possible, it is led by the Senior School students in the House Group.