Film and Television/Media


Film, Television and New Media are our primary sources of information and entertainment. They are important channels for education and cultural exchange as well as being fundamental to our self-expression and representation as individuals and as communities. At St Teresa’s we encourage students to use technology in a safe and positive way, as a means to connect and learn about their own culture and other cultures and practices. This can be done through the exploration of Film, Television and New Media.

In Year 10, Media is an elective and can be studied for one semester or a full year. In Year 11 and 12 Film and Television is an elective that runs for a full year.

The curriculum provides many experiences of Film and Television through design proposals, producing their own short films and critique by analyzing and evaluating media. It is through these that students will:

    develop higher-order cognitive and critical literacy skills related to moving-image media production and use;

    value interacting with moving images as an enriching experience;

    value and use their own knowledge, skills and experiences to explore, create and express ideas;

    develop confidence in their own and others’ creative and critical abilities;

    appreciate the variety of technologies available for communication;

    respect diverse viewpoints;

    have a critical and sensitive awareness of expressive, functional and creative qualities of a range of moving images in different cultures and contexts.

Overall this course aims to provide students with the foundations of the processes of Film, Television and New Media. It is hoped that students develop their own interests within this subject area, especially those considering a career in the Film, Television or Media industry.

Units of St​udy

Year 10:

In Year 10 students can elect to study one or two modules:

Module One: Advertising in a New Media World and Hollywood Film

Module Two: Television Studies and Music Videos

In both modules, students experience design, production and critique methods and have ample opportunities to do so using the Mac laptops.

Year 11:

Unit One: Introduction to Film and Television

Unit Two: Australian Film

Unit Three: Documentary

Unit Four: Australian Television

Year 12:

Unit One: Media Moguls

Unit Two: Experimental Film

Unit Three: National Cinema

Unit Four: New Media

Over a full years study, students will address 2 Critique, 2 Design and 2 Production tasks.

Co-Curricu​lar FTV/Media

The Media Committee at St Teresa’s is open to students of all year levels, particularly those who study Film and TV as a subject. The role of the Media Committee is to communicate with the local newspaper about College events as well as putting together the Senior Graduation DVD.


At St Teresa’s we encourage students to enter competitions to showcase their talents. When competitions become available, students are informed in class.

Tours and Ex​cursions

Where possible, students studying Film and Television attend excursions to assist in their study of a particular unit. . This year, Year 11 and 12 students will attend ‘Cinesparks’ in Brisbane to view short international films.

FTV/Media Sta​ff

Year 10 Media - Charmaine Jackson

Year 11 and 12 FTNM - Charmaine Jackson