Year 11 Sport and Rec Camp

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The beginning of our Year 11 Sport and Recreation camp started with an uphill battle, literally. We started our expedition by completing the Tree Tops Adventure Park at the Big Pineapple. We then went to our first campsite where we set up our tents and settled in with free time and team building activities. The evening was concluded with each person preparing a pre-packed dinner, resulting in very raw steak and burnt corn. The next day we took part in a treacherous hike which saw us walk 5km of rough terrain through the hills of Amamoor State Forest. We looked out for each other and drew strength from the camaraderie. Our next adventure was to a farm owned by Noosa District State High School, where we got to interact with some of the cattle and participate in archery which was universally liked by the class. To wrap the second night up we had a bonfire and sat and shared stories while looking up at the stars with no interference from any man-made light source. On the final day we took part in an Orienteering event which saw us traversing through the fields, rivers and bushes of the mesmerising grounds of the farm. Finally an enjoyable and memorable few days of camp wrapped up with a visit to the Coolum Aqua Fun Park. A mahuge thanks to Ms Ruthven for planning the trip for our benefit and also Mr O'Shaughnessy who both took time away from their families.
Wil Swift

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