University Experiences

​​​​​Students in Years 10,11 and 12 participated in a variety of university experiences last term. At “Experience USC” day Year 10 students chose three workshop streams based on their passion, from helping people and the planet, to connecting with people through technology or creative experiences, to problem-solving and discovery. It was a packed schedule and students engaged in activities both challenging and new

Careers that shape the world - UQ

A small group of senior students travelled to UQ at St Lucia for the annual “Careers that shape the world” event. All agreed the experience was worth the cold, early start.

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I was extremely grateful to go to a presentation about ‘careers in esports’ at the UQ ‘Careers that shape the world’ day. Esports is basically competitive video gaming. I was able to meet the founder of the Australian Esports Association, Darren Kwan. Darren gave insight into how many jobs there actually are in the esports industry besides playing the games. I absolutely love esports, and I am hopefully looking forward to diving more into the industry if I choose to go to UQ, and hopefully be able to be in the esports sector in my future career. 
Isabella Baker

We learnt about the chronological structure of studying a course, college life and gained an insight into the type of work as a result of graduating with a particular degree. Individually, my day took me to the fields of social sciences - anthropology, sociology etc. I discovered a new perspective on what it means to study society and it has inspired me to explore the potential of studying the course. The day offered me a great experience and I would highly recommend this opportunity to all future students at the College.
Eli Smith

Dreams into Action - USC​

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USC (1).jpgSenior Business students who attended the ‘Dreams into Action’ day at USC were inspired by the story of “Thankyou”, an Australian social enterprise on a mission to end global poverty. 100% of Thankyou’s profits from their products go to help people in need. They’ve given over $5.8 million to empower 785,568 people in need across 20 countries. “Thankyou” shared their journey – the challenges faced and the status-quo-breaking approach used to overcome these. They encouraged young people to challenge their thinking, dream big and take action, showing them that changing the world is totally possible.