Traditional Custodian


​Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Storytelling

Recently, local Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Traditional Custodian, Lyndon Davis came to the College to share his cultural wisdom and knowledge through story telling.  Lyndon shared with both the Year 10 and Year 12 English students, who are currently studying texts where traditional story telling is central to the theme.  For the Year 10s, Satellite Boy, tells the story of a young Aboriginal boy who is torn between keeping his traditions while also trying to embrace the modern ways.  Similarly, the Year 12s are exploring the novel, Carpentaria, which delves deeper into the stylistic attributes of traditional story telling.  Lyndon’s exceptional cultural knowledge along with his captivating story-telling helped students gain a first-hand insight and connection into the Songlines and Dreaming of the Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi People.