REGEN Youth Group

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We will be offering a youth program for Year 7 and 8 students on Friday afternoons from 2:30pm – 5:30pm. We will have one meeting on the 21st June this term and 4 in Term 3. The program will focus on developing our Year 7’s and 8’s understanding of Family Spirit, this is a core concept and foundation of Marist Catholic schooling. Family Spirit is also something we see expressed by our community at large on days like ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Christmas. These are special days that remind us just how important meaningful connections with each other are. 

The Year 12 Ministry Leaders have decided to call the program REGEN short for regenerate. The idea behind the name is that we all need to take time out to regenerate and reignite our connections with friends, family and our spirit. It is when we know that we are not alone that we are connected and cared for and that others especially family and friends are with us through the good and bad times, that’s when we know we have Family Spirit.

The REGEN program will be structured around themed fun and lots of it, for example our first meeting will be structured as follows:
  • Friday 21st June
  • 2:30pm Sign in
  • Quick group discussion about the structure of the afternoon.
  • Games connected to central theme, minute to win it, team building, treasure hunt.
  • Food is so important it is a special time to gather in Family Spirit and share a meal, so it will be a   big part of REGEN. We are going to make Pizza in the College pizza oven including dessert pizza served with ice-cream, Yum.
  • Discussion about what we could do as a group to help the less fortunate in our community, what would St Marcellin and St Teresa do if they were alive.
  • Concluding games and prizes.
  • Move to the front of College for pick up at 5:30pm.
The program above will be the main way the afternoons will run with different food and games to keep everything fresh and interesting for the session. We are hoping in the future to occasionally meet up on a Saturday or Sunday and do something really special. Some of the ideas that have been put out there are things like visiting Pomona Church and making breakfast, horse riding, barbecue’s, picnics and many other wonderful ideas. Obviously, this will be in consultation with parents and at this point we are just trying to get the program up and running. So, to start with we will keep it simple and loaded with food and fun and let the students make some decisions about what they would like to do in the future.