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Women in the Australian Defence Force High Tea

On Monday the 5th of March, I was fortunate enough to attend the ‘Women in the Australian Defence Force High Tea’ as part of International Women’s week. There was a cheerful and positive atmosphere all morning and I heard many interesting stories from the women in Australian Defence Force as they shared their many experiences of working in the ADF. We were encouraged to ask questions regarding their experiences and how they have balanced their careers and family life.
Goal setting and affirmation sessions were facilitated by the Women in Defence team which gave students an opportunity to look at their pathway in Defence and how they might reach that outcome. Information regarding the recruitment process was provided and the careers opportunities in Defence for women, critical roles required to ensure the ADF is operating to its best capability. It was fantastic to hear that women are treated and viewed as wholly equal to their male counterparts in the Australian Defence Force, because after all, they are a critical part of it.
 Morgan Pettit-Granger