Paris Immersion Tour

​​​​Paris Tour.jpgThe St Teresa’s Senior French Exchange returned from France in Week 1 after three weeks of incredibly rich linguistic, cultural and spiritual immersion. We started with ten days in Paris, staying with our host families and visiting some famous monuments but also stepping off the beaten track to explore some of Paris’s best kept secrets. We then travelled by TGV (high speed train) to Lyon and spent three days with the Marist Brothers at Marcellin Champagnat’s Hermitage in Saint Chamond, where students were able to trace Marcellin’s footsteps from his place of birth at the family home in Marlhes to the first Marist school in La Valla and then the beautiful Hermitage itself, hand carved from the rock wall. Students then spent two days exploring Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France before heading back up to Paris to spend Easter weekend with their host families and being spoilt rotten with French chocolate. We were lucky to have had the opportunity to climb up to the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral 3 days prior to the devastating fire. Our return journey included a one-day stopover in Bangkok where we explored the canals and temples and learnt about Buddhist culture.

All students made enormous progress in their French language abilities and demonstrated resilience, flexibility and tenacity during their time with their host families as they worked hard to learn and communicate. They were very well cared for by their host families who complimented us on our students’ exemplary behaviour and attitude. 
We are now very much looking forward to the French students return visit to Noosa in July this year. Our 18 “Frenchies” will be in and around the College during the first 2 weeks of Term 3, and we will be holding some Bastille Day celebrations at the College on Thursday 18th July. This is a fabulous opportunity for all students of French to practice their language skills as we plan to invite the French students into our middle school classes.

French tour.jpg​   La Valla.jpg