Off The Wall

​​ Now in its fourth year, our very special annual festival of arts and creativity expanded this year as we warmly and proudly welcomed music into this unique event. Off The Wall differs to other ensemble-based showcases in that it
a) aims to highlight students-devised creative work
b) develops confidence in our arts students in managing their own spaces and actively engaging passing audiences 
c) engages interest in arts education by our College community, by immersing these audiences in an active, interactive and meaningful non-traditional experience.​

Highlights of Off The Wall include: awards for Creative Risk-taking, projects fostering student collaborations such as the Off the Wall Short Film Comp (won this year by Kyle O’Connell, Noah Finigan and Eli Garrahy for “Fruit Salad”), outdoor drama and music trails where audiences follow the map and lights to discover performances in gardens, stairwells, under trees and in doorways, with our magnificent students managing their sites, set-lists and staging and rising to the challenge of mustering their courage and engaging travelling audiences by designing and looping their performances for over an hour as new audiences came by and others returned and even with performers themselves having to come and go to other stage sites as well, with many of the students involved in several art forms. The trails really did highlight the courage of our students in taking creative risks for their audiences. Another highlight was the opportunity for our most recent drama ensemble to share with parents and friends the original work we performed onstage in Brisbane this term with the Queensland Theatre Company; despite it being at 8.30pm towards the end of a very long day and even with so much other festival noise invading their space, these students were focused and professional, and really appreciated seeing so many crowd into the drama room taking an interest in their creative work.
Thank you to all the parents who have sent lovely messages and who had a chance to catch up with Arts staff on the night. It has also been really gratifying that we had quite a number of students and families attending from other schools in the region, having heard about our program and the success of our ensembles, as well as families of our new Year 7s coming along for the first time!

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