Off The Wall 2017

​The 2017 Off The Wall was again something very special – an Arts event combining student assessment work in Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and Media Arts, with the best and awarded ensemble, troupe and film club productions produced by our students. In a spectacular outdoor environment highlighting innovation and rewarding creative risk-taking and featuring non​-traditional experiences of the Arts (performance trails through our landscape and a darkened media space equipped with 15 screens and multiple sets of headphones for example). Audiences were able to move about and actively engage in the Arts and in our College landscape.
Our students produced the highest calibre performance and Arts work for our audiences (including developing their own artwork for sale) and are extended a huge cheer and congratulations! In addition, I would like to take the opportunity here to thank the selfless and dedicated staff who made this event possible for so many (and who due to being so busy doing it, were themselves rarely able to leave their posts to see the performances). My sincere thanks go firstly to our wonderful and inspired Arts teachers – Marc Sauvage, Charmaine Jackson (and husband James), Lisa Thomas, and Mandy Mattison, all working for many weeks after hours to support student creativity suitable for audience engagement. Behind the scenes Marianne Evans has held it all together (I couldn’t manage this event without her!), and thanks again too to her daughter Sarah. The catering team supporting the eternally devoted June Robertson; the Glassock family (Mum Jen and sons Darcy, Harry and Joey), Michaela Roberton, Lizzie Friendship, Trish Malabar and Jenelle Davis, and all the extra support from Sharon Lucht, Paul Baker, Chris Santifort… and Kerry Eleison with set up. Managing the Night Market were Leigh Boggis and Geraldine Pettit. Also the Dance parents and students who supervised the backstage Green Room for 3 hours. And on production (and this is one mammoth event - 11 stages and huge LED screen, let alone all of the additional spaces!), my husband Paul Tyack, and our IT staff Mitch Saunders (despite illness) and the fast-learning, non-stop Matt Winmill. Thanks also to our treasured groundsmen Simon Mikkelson and Michael Hunt and Business Manager Mark Roberton. And a salute to Margit Cruice with promotions on so many fronts, and student Kelsey Marek and Rene Rostron for filming on the night. Thanks also to our terrific guest speaker Noosa Unilab’s Mr Chris Boden for sharing our students’ VR (3D) art work.
If you didn’t take the opportunity to participate this year, be sure to mark this exciting major whole College community event on your calendar for next year Friday 2nd October 2018(further expanding to also include a Media Art digital sound trail and performances by our Music students and instrumental ensembles); certainly an event of which we are immensely proud and which is attracting audiences far beyond our College community!
In appreciation
Jacqueline Twigg
Curriculum Development Leader - The Arts