Kokoda Challenge


f you had have told us that we would’ve crossed that finish line at 3:45am in the morning, things would’ve been a bit different. The 48km seemed achievable from the start, little did we know how much of a battle it would be. With 4km of the track being flat, the rest of the terrain was so steep and rocky that not even a mountain goat could handle it. Everybody had their own numerous battles both mental and physical. However, through perseverance, teamwork, and sheer ignorance as to what we were doing, every one of us crossed the line. Undoubtedly the pain, blisters, cramps and tears were all worth it once we stepped across the finish line. A big congratulations to Charlie, Moet, Lilly, India, Mrs Barker, Phoebe, Jamie, Abbie, Kane, Mrs Mallabar, Georgia, Maggie, Pip, Koah and Mr Eleison. What we’ve done is an incredible achievement.

A massive thank you to our support crew Mrs Murray Salter and Mr Linthorne for their much needed enthusiasm and care; it would’ve been a different story without them. Another special thank you to Lorna for providing us with delicious food and snacks for the trail. 

We wish anyone willing to take on this challenge next year the best of luck as it’s definitely a rewarding experience.
Georgia Applegate, Lilly Mills & India Madin

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