Equestrian News

IMG_2195.JPGWe would like to congratulate several students who represented St Teresa’s Catholic College at the Fraser Coast Interschool Equestrian Competition at the Maryborough Showgrounds this past week. This event was held over four days and is one of the largest Interschool Competitions in Queensland with 70 schools in attendance and over 250 riders participating in a wide variety of events.

Congratulations to the following students of our St Teresa’s Equestrian Team. The results speak for themselves with high scores and ribbons awarded to all of the girls. Most classes had between 25 to 40 riders in each.

Tara-Skye Hourigan (Year 8) - 2nd and 6th in Dressage,   2nd in Rider Class
Abbi McDonald (Year 10) – 3rd in Showjumping, 4th in Bounce Pony, 5th in Dressage, 5th in Rider Class
Emily Jensen (Year 12) – 1st in Showjumping, 4th in Dressage, 4th in Bounce Pony
Mia Jensen (Year 10) – 2nd in Dressage, 2nd in Rider Class, 6th in Hack Class
Mia Urquhart (Year 8) – 2nd in Showjumping, 6th in Rider Class, 10th in Dressage
Annika Taylor (Year 11) - 3rd in Dressage

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