Environment Award

​​ Bronze Award for Environmental Performance

Environment Award.jpgA huge congratulations to our 2018 Environment Leader, Morgan Pettit-Granger and her team on achieving Bronze Accreditation for the College from Eco-School Australia. This award recognises the College’s efforts to continuously improve its environmental performance and sustainability education programme. Our certificate will be proudly displayed in the Student Administration area.

Clean Up STCC

Well done to our 2019 Environment Leaders, Kelsey and Jed, who rallied the houses and encouraged a whopping 110 volunteers to turn up last Friday to clean up STCC, in conjunction with Clean Up Australia Day. In under an hour, our volunteers rolled up their sleeves and collected 30kg of rubbish from around the grounds. This is a big reduction in last year’s collection, which is hopefully a reflection of our improved recycling and waste disposal habits. Most common items littering our grounds seem to be popper container straws and straw wrappers, and the lids from chocolate milk bottles.

  Clean Up STCC 2019.jpg

Clean Up STCC 2019 2.png  Clean Up STCC 2019 3.png