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​As this cohort prepares for their foray into the College’s annual Dreamers@Dusk Significant Task night, the Year 7’s had the privilege of engaging with Mr Rob Frey last week. Rob gave a personal account of his connection with the event known as 9/11. The presentation included skyping with a NYC firefighter live from his fire station in New York, who lost his father in the tragedy. The students were immersed in the story and gained a perspective on this momentous event in world history. Rob spoke not just about his close connection with a firefighter who lost his life, but also about the world before and after 9/11; changes to security protocols, firefighting protocols, global transportation, the rise of Islamophobia etc. All this was done to encourage the development of their critical thinking skills by revealing to students how events can have profound effects on the lives of people, themselves included. This is essentially an advanced course for the students’ understanding of cause and effect because they will have to transfer that insight and apply the theory to the society before and after their ‘dreamer’ when they create their T-Chart. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 we will have to postpone our Dreamers night to a date yet to be confirmed.