Dreamers@Dusk 2019

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On Tuesday 2nd April the annual Year 7 Dreamers@Dusk evening was held. It was a night where history literally came alive and the photos reveal the extent to which history became a tangible and tantalising reality. The students had been researching a significant ‘Dreamer’ from our world's story, not just someone who is famous but someone who has made a substantial, positive contribution to the fabric of society that binds humanity. In their Humanities classes they explored her/his dream and legacy, and, on this night, they ‘became’ their chosen dreamer.  It began with the first cohort in 2004 and has continued every year since. The 2019 Year 7’s gave an excellent account of themselves and have thus entered another successful chapter into the Dreamers’ story.
There were many highlights as always, but this year was particularly special as the inaugural Year 7 Step Graduation was also held. The marrying of these two events led parents to see what this College stands for; the Dreamer’s component established that our Year 7’s know what a socially just society can look like, and the Graduation acknowledged that we live it here at St Teresa's as well – all done with a sense of both the joy of learning and the rewards of work done with respect for others.