The Scene Project

Scene Project (1).jpgLast week our third drama ensemble 7-12 represented our College in drama at state level, performing in the highly creative and educational The Scene Project with Queensland Theatre Company on their magnificent new Billie Brown stage in Brisbane. Our students were the first actors in Queensland to ‘tread those boards’. This Queensland ‘project’ was created by Queensland Theatre Company in 2016 and we have had the privilege of being the only school in this region to participate these last 3 years. The ‘project’ involves QTC having commissioned a leading Queensland playwright to create a new playscript, which is then explored and workshopped by participating schools. Each school can then stage and share their own very different interpretations of the same work. We all then analyse the interpretations and staging and their impacts on the audience.
The special things about our work this year in this event is that it was developed from a collaboration between our most seasoned drama ensemble performers (all of whom had won awards for the College earlier this year) and a group of new actors, most of whom had not ever been onstage in front of an audience before. This year we worked with Merlynn Tong’s Good Grief, a play exploring intercultural mythologies dealing with love, loss and grief – an inspiring and challenging piece.
After a  three month lead time, creating and rehearsing period, including a specialist workshop here at College with a QTC actor, we headed down to Brisbane last Monday at 6am, to perform at Queensland Theatre in Brisbane, alongside QTC’s own professional production of our same play. Our work opened day 1 of the three week festival, with us giving  expression to our own mythology – the concept of a tunnel of light bridging life and the after-life, and the grief of letting go of the life we know and hold so precious. Our play was performed only in hand-held torch light and was praised as “exquisite” by Travis MacFarlane of QTC – a compliment we will all long remember. Well done to Cooper Wells, Ava Moroney, Ava Baker, Ruby McIlroy, Isabella Baker, and to our new Year 10 Chorus – Rubi Hamlin, Tully Johnson, Eliza Safe, Elijah Smith, Dylan Swainson, Zach Welman, and to Flynn Boreham for attending in support. Thanks also to the parents for making the early start and late return possible. What a wonderful experience. Scene Project (3).jpeg