Dance Success

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Congratulations to our Dance students on their recent eisteddfod success.
On Saturday, Dance Troupe competed in the Australian Pinnacle Dance Challenge. The results were:
1st Place: Year 7-12 Lyrical (Body Love)
1st Place: Year 10-12 Lyrical (Mad at You, choreographed by Amber Faleono, Ivy Simons, Jemima Fitzpatrick &Tianah Gesell).
1st Place: Year 7-9 Lyrical (All I Want)
3rd Place: Year 7-12 Lyrical (I Won’t Complain)
Honourable Mention: Year 7-12 Contemporary (Bad Guy)
Honourable Mention: Year 7-9 Jazz (End of Time)
On Monday, Dance Troupe and Year 9 Dance competed in the Quota International Beenleigh Eisteddfod. This was a big day, with the students leaving school before 6am, and returning at 7pm.They had great success at this event with the following results:
1st Place: Multimedia Dance (I Won’t Complain)
1st Place: Year 7-12 Lyrical (Amen)
1st Place : Year 7-9 Lyrical (All I Want)
1st Place: Year 7-9 Jazz (End of Time)
1st Place: Year 9 Self-Choreography (Olivia Hunt, Violette Simons, Ashley Lammens, Aly Kocks Duarte).
2nd Place: Year 9 Self-Choreography (Kiara Zerafa, Sienna Adams, Chloe Pitts, Tayte Ellis).
3rd Place: Year 9 Dance (Hairsprayclass dance).
3rd Place: Year 9 Self-Choreography (Anna Tully, Hannah Jackson, Emele Hunting, Ally Mjaskalo).
3rd Place: Year 7-12 Jazz (SOS).
Highly Commended: Year 9 Self-Choreography (Mia Urquhart, Charlee Cave, Kasey Millar, Bec Prendergast).
Highly Commended: Year 7-12 Jazz (Cell Block Tango).
Congratulations to all of the dancers on their performances. The results were very close, with some items only having half a point difference in places.
Special mention to Olivia Hunt (Year 9), who choreographed the group contemporary piece, Bad Guy. This was Olivia’s first time choreographing for a large group and she created a visually effective and technically strong piece. Also to Dance Captains, Ava Foreman and Elise Sawatzki, for their co-choreographing of the Multimedia piece. This was a powerful piece on the concept of homelessness. The multimedia component for this was filmed and edited by FTNM teacher Karli Lancaster, and Dance Co-ordinator Sarah McNamara, and will be presented at Off the Wall in October. 
Thank you to the parents, staff and students who came and supported the dancers at these events, especially Helen Hunt who sewed the costumes for Bad Guy.
The dancers will take a short break before preparing for our Arts Evening, Off the Wall, where some of their pieces for the year will be presented.​