Buderim Hospital Experiential Visit

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On Thursday August 9, Hannah Grehan, Lily Quirke and myself participated in the Buderim Private Hospital Experience program, open to Years 10, 11 and 12 with an interest in careers in Health. Students were selected on their application and submission to the Hospital.

The morning was broken into sessions aimed at providing learning opportunities with healthcare professionals in a clinical setting, in simulated environments and training scenarios so that we might gain an understanding of what it would be like to work inside a hospital and ask those more personal questions on not only the rewards of a career in Health but also the demands. This was a great experience as we also gained a broader idea of the employment opportunities in a hospital-based setting.
The final session was a Q & A opportunity with a panel of healthcare professionals in Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health and Non-clinical areas to ask questions specific to their role and their education pathways to reach that goal.
Overall, the day was definitely very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend it to other students to apply in 2019.
Ava Foreman
Year 10 student