11 Sport and Recreation


Term 1 has seen the opportunity for the Year 11 Sport and Recreation class to complete their Certificate II in Public Safety, otherwise known as the Surf Bronze. Not only does this course provide students with a great opportunity to develop swimming and lifesaving skills but it also has been great for fitness and has provided them with the qualification to work as a lifeguard.

The classes have been run by the Noosa Heads SLSC with our main instructors being Jonno and Riley (ex St Teresa’s student). We have had perfect conditions at the beach and have appreciated the chance to go to the beach and have a great time and it be classified as our class time. To enable us to get through all of the requirements of the course we had to commit to early mornings and after school sessions. Not a problem when it’s to learn great skills, have fun and hang out with a great bunch of people.

This has been a terrific opportunity and we really appreciate the application and commitment of the class and believe that it has created a great bond amongst the class.