100K ECP Project

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2021 sees the 100k entrepreneur classroom project enter its second year under the watchful eye of Mr Dan Neven. His desire to make middle school Business as real world as possible is challenging students to foster an entrepreneurial mindset. Eco-friendly and sustainability are core values underpinning the project as students employ their creativity to make positive changes to our world through the creation of a product and pitching its benefits to the world. This week the Year 9’s have had their entrepreneurial skills truly tested as they made their pitches to a Shark Tank in Barungam. It was obvious to all present that the interwoven environmental focus was central to each pitch and that was reflected in the feedback from our expert Shark Tank; Tomas Piccini the Program Officer, Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship at the University of Queensland; Julien Cahn from Business Mentors Noosa and Kym Foster from Foster Mediation. The latter lauded a whole new set of 2021 students who have embraced the entrepreneurial mindset and let their imaginations soar, so the goal, to raise 100k for charity through targeted sales, remains viable. If you want to see some of the products that were pitched, the official landing page for the project is www.100kecp.com 

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