Where are they now

Fraser Morris.jpeg

Fraser Morris

Alumnae Year 2017

2017 graduate, Fraser Morris, is about to complete his Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Accelerated) with a major in Biomedical Science and minors in Clinical Embryology, Medical Microbiology and Anatomy, at the University of the Sunshine Coast. This two-year high intensive course required him to complete five subjects per semester and placement during the study break. He will then complete a Masters by Research focusing on blood transfusions in patients undergoing elective major abdominal surgery in Sweden. 

The Chats.jpgEamon Sandwith, Matt Boggis & Josh Price​ (aka The Chats)

Alumnae Year 2016

St Teresa's 2016 graduates, Eamon Sandwith, Matt Boggis and Josh Price loved music throughout high school. After completing Year 12 they continued with their school band named "The Chats," practicing in a garage in Verrierdale and they began making their own film clips. In late 2017, their lives changed when their song "Smoko" went viral. They struck a chord in the Australian music scene that has continued to embrace these young men. Their "Smoko" video has now had over 6.5 million views. 

​Recently they opened a concert in Melbourne for Iggy Pop to rave reviews, and they've been interviewed on MTV and several radio stations. Their tour schedule is fully booked as they travel around Australia and overseas. They have already toured the UK and Europe and later this year head back to Europe and the US. The boys have signed a 2-year contract with Universal Music and have also started their own record label, Bargain Bin Records. Whilst their music may not be everyone's cup of tea, they have certainly made an impact, and they continue to Dare the Dream. 

Aaron Robertson.png

Aaron Robertson

Alumnae Year  2017

Aaron is pursuing his dream of playing professional football (soccer). After finishing high school Aaron moved to Scotland where he has been training with Peterhead FC. He is facing the challenges head on and putting in the work to continue his dream. He has had playing time in matches and works on staying positive and motivated. His message..."Learn not to take no for an answer and never give up. If you have a dream, make it happen, be brave." 

Jordan Yates

Alumnae Year   2011

Jordan has complete a Bachelor in  Engineering (Honours) and a Masters  of Engineering studying at the University of Qld and the Technical University of Munich. 


Halfway through his third year of University Jordan applied for a program to study in Germany. Six months later he was accepted to complete the Integrated Bachelor/Masters program in Munich. Jordan was one of St Teresa's Catholic College's first OP1 students. 

Grace Younie

Alumnae Year 2011

Grace has completed a Bachelor in Paramedic Science at Queensland University of Technology. 


Whilst Grace was studying, she worked as a member of the Apple Chermside team which she said "was an amazing environment to work in and it assisted me in expanding my experience and interactions with people." Grace is now in her dream job as a paramedic and lives in the UK. She loves her job and especially enjoys meeting inspiring people every day. She regularly travels throughout Europe discovering new countries and cultures. 

Gabi Barnett

Alumnae Year 2013

Gabi studied a Bachelor of International Studies at the University of Qld. As part of her degree she studied at Science Po in Paris - France's highest-esteemed University for Political Science and International Relations. 

Gabi has recently received a scholarship to study her Masters Degree in International Security at Sciences Po in Paris, specialising in African Studies and Project Management. Gabi says the St Teresa's Immersion experience to Sri Lanka inspired her to "pursue a career path where I can make a positive difference in the lives of other people."

Luke Cosgrove

Alumnae Year 2011

Luke always had a passion for drama when he was growing up and used to sneak away from his AFL training into the Noosa Arts Theatre to practice. He is now well on his way to stardom in Hollywood featuring in the Netflix thriller "The Mist." In 2015, Luke was awarded a Certificate of the Highest Achievement for the short film "Disc of Love." The media describes Luke as a "star on the rise."

Dayna Yates

Alumnae Year 2012

Dayna completed a three year film degree at Queensland University of Technology. 

She now works in commercial filming, involving herself in large TVC productions for companies like AFL, Toyota, Isuzu and Dominos. She has also had opportunities to work with large scale productions such as Aquaman and Pacific Rim 2.