Pastoral Care

​The foundation principle of "Family Spirit", is central to Pastoral Care at St Teresa's Catholic College. Each student belongs to a pastoral group which meets each day, and at other times during the week for extended periods of time. The Pastoral Care Teacher of this group works to build quality relationships within the group, and to carefully monitor the individual needs of the students in their care. Parents are encouraged to maintain regular contact with their child's Pastoral Care Teacher. Overseeing these pastoral groups at each year level, is the Pastoral Care Co-ordinator. 

An essential element of Pastoral Care, is ensuring clear behavioural expectations are communicated and maintained, with appropriate action taken where necessary. These expectations are set out in the Behaviour Management Policy, and the various behaviour levels and consequences associated with each behaviour level, are linked closely to the the My Learning Behaviour Management System. This system is used to record and monitor all aspects of behaviour, both positive and negative, with regular reports emailed to Parents/ Caregivers. 

The principles of Restorative Justice underpin all behaviour management strategies at St Teresa's in an attempt to maintain quality relationships within the community.