Mary-Ellen McClure, Science Learning Area Co-ordinator

The following is not intended as a Course/Content explanation of what we do in the Science Learning Area at St.Teresa’s Catholic College; this information is available elsewhere on this website and in the College’s various year level Course Handbooks. 
  • Year 8 and 9 Core Science 
  • Year 10 Core Science
  • Year 10 Forensic Science Elective
  • Year 10 Chemical Science Elective
  • Year 10 Physical Science Elective
  • Year 10 Electricity and Electronics Elective
  • Year 10 Environmental Science Elective
  • Years 11-12 Biology
  • Years 11-12 Chemistry
  • Years 11-12 Marine Studies
  • Years 11-12 Physics
Year 10 Forensic Science students at CSI exhibition
Year 9 students investigating the properties of light
Year 12 Chemistry students performing an EEI
Year 8 students investigating
the properties of Slime

 Year 12 Chemistry students performing a titration
Evironmental Science.png
 Year 10 Environmental Science students 
at Underwater World​