Personal and Social Development Education Program


Vision Statement

Our Vision is that St Teresa’s Catholic College is an authentic Christian community where Gospel values are evident and lived out in relationships and practices between students, staff and parents. The spirit of the school is that of a family which provides a safe and positive learning environment. There will be equity of opportunity for all to achieve their full potential. It will provide a quality education rich in values and resources, which are in keeping with contemporary educational needs.

Personal and S ocial Development Education Program – Vision Statement

The PSDE Program is a pastoral care program, which actively supports the Vision statement of the College by encouraging and educating students on how to be authentic members of our Christian community. At the heart of the program is the Catholic teaching of Gospel values to foster positive relationships and build happy, healthy and confident students who are holistically educated, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually and who are empowered with the skills to deal with whatever challenges they face in life.

Aims/O bjectives of the Program

  • Actively support and promote the integration of Catholic Christian values in the pastoral care program to holistically educate our students

  • Promote the unique facets of the culture of our Catholic school

  • Develop shared understandings of how the informal/ hidden curriculum reflects who and what we are in the image of Jesus Christ and to actively support the liturgical and prayer life of the College

  • Promote a school where each student develops the confidence to actively seek to “Dare the Dream”

  • Foster positive relationships between students, teachers and the school community

  • Build students who are healthy, happy, confident, resilient and empowered with skills to deal with challenging situations in their life

Personal and Social Developm ent Education Program FAQ’s 

What is PSDE?

As stated above in the ‘Personal and Social Development Education Program Vision Statement’, the PSDE Program “is a pastoral care program, which actively supports the Vision statement of the College by encouraging and educating students on how to be authentic members of our Christian community.”  

Central to the program is the “Catholic teaching of Gospel values”  which focuses on fostering “positive relationships” and building  “happy, healthy and confident students who are holistically educated, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually” 

The program is also designed to empower our young people and to equip them with “the skills to deal with whatever challenges they face in life”.

Why do we need a PSDE Program?

Adolescence is a time growth and transition from childhood to young adulthood. Today’s adolescents face many challenges in all facets of their growth and development, personal and social lives. Unfortunately these issues are not always taught within the constraints of the academic curriculum, but are perhaps some of the most valuable of life’s lessons. It is essential that we not only model to our students but rather that we explicitly educate them on relevant personal, social, emotional and spiritual issues that they may face in life, to best equip them with the knowledge and skills required to be able to appropriately manage such issues. The PSDE program is a ‘hands on’ practical approach coupled with the relevant educational theory and includes educating our students on who or where to go for further information or help. It therefore requires the support of everyone involved in their education from parents to teachers to the school and wider community.

What will m y child be learning?

The pastoral care team in conjunction with all staff have been working together to identify the most pertinent issues applicable to each year level and have used this information to develop a PSDE program that is age appropriate and relevant to the needs of students in that year level. For example, Term 1 of Year 8 involves a lot of “getting to know you” type activities to help them transition smoothly to High School and to introduce them to the College staff. In Year 12 the Term 1 PSDE program involves time for goal setting and there are a number of sessions designated to preparing students for the demands of the QCS tests.

Attached is an overview of Term 1 for each year level. Please keep in mind that this is a new program and is continuing to develop.

When do es this all take place?

There are 2 designated PSDE time slots each week. On Monday mornings in session 2, students will have 50 minutes, which will often take the shape of an extended Pastoral Care time. This will give Pastoral Care teachers an opportunity to come together with their class in a time of prayer, meditation and it will have a strong relationship focus.

On Thursdays the last 100 minutes of the day is designated PSDE time where the Pastoral Care Coordinators and their team of PC Teachers will deliver the age appropriate and relevant program. Often this will involve physical activity and includes time for Inter-school sport and activities in Year 8 & 9 and some social and recreational physical activity time for Years 10-12.

What is expec ted of my child?

The PSDE program is compulsory part of your child’s education. It is expected that they will come prepared for all PSDE sessions dressed appropriately and with any equipment required. PC Coordinators and PC Teachers will advise students well in advance of any requirements. It is expected that your child be actively involved and engaged in the program and their participation in the program will be recorded in the MY Learning system and form part of their Pastoral Care End of Semester Report.

Is this program really worth it? Could my child be doing something more worthwhile?

The success of this program will probably never been known but should not be underestimated. We believe that by providing students with the knowledge and skills to make good choices, has the potential to save lives.

Australian Scholarships Group – Managing Directory Mr Terry  O’Connell recently reported on the importance of Student Social and Emotional Health,  "Statistics show that there are large numbers of young people not being fully engaged in education or in work, and the ramifications of unfulfilled education potential can be seen at the individual, family, community and national levels. Children and young people with higher levels of social and emotional health are more likely to successfully meet the physical, intellectual and social changes required through childhood and adolescence”.

Who is accountable for thi s program?

The PSDE program is being developed by the Pastoral Care Team and approved by the Principal Brother Paul Creevey and the Leadership Team.

It involves the following staff:

  • Deputy Principal – Ms Carmel O'Brien

  • Assistant Principal - Religious Education – Mr Marcus Pojtek

  • Assistant Principal - Curriculum Development - Ms Elizabeth Sutton

  • Assistant Principal - Student Development - Mr Lee Elvy

  • Guidance Counsellor – Ms Sue Kraljevic

  • Pastoral Care Coordinators:-

    • Year 12 Mr Paul Dionysius

    • Yr 11 Mr Matthew Webb

    • Yr 10 Ms Lucienne Camenzuli

    • Yr 9 Mr Aaron Heffernan

    • Yr 8 Ms Amanda Murray-Salter

    • Yr 7 Mr Kerry Eleison

 All PC teachers and staff members will be involved in planning and delivering the program and will work closely with the Pastoral Care Team to ensure the students receive the highest quality Catholic education and pastoral care.